Every month, Stewart Valuation Intelligence Services publishes our exclusive real estate report, Home Value Forecast. This report draws on real estate market reports from our partner, Collateral Analytics, and discusses market trends at a local and national level. Each of these real estate evaluation reports focuses on one or two CBSAs and how national real estate trends are affecting that market.

Our monthly property valuation reports also rank the top 10 and bottom 10 CBSAs of top 200 CBSAs in the country with regard to a number of leading real estate market based indicators. The real estate market analysis report is purely objective and is based on directional trends. Each indicator is given a score based on whether the trend is positive, negative, or neutral for that series. For example, a declining trend in active listings would be positive, as will be an increasing trend in average price. A composite score for each CBSA is calculated by summing the directional scores of each of its indicators. From the top 200 CBSAs, we highlight each month the CBSAs that have the highest and lowest composite scores.

These real estate valuation reports are picked up by national news outlets and used as sources by publications including DS News and Housing Wire. If you are a real estate reporter who requires real estate market analysis and data, we can provide tailored data on any of these top 200 CBSAs. Contact us to learn more.

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