A home value reconciliation is only as trustworthy as the due diligence and quality control that go into it. Stewart Valuation Intelligence employs a combination of online research and auditing tools, carefully customized and applied to our own accuracy standards, to determine and validate an appropriate valuation.

Our experts are available to effectively represent your position on individual or batch real estate value reconciliation orders.

Real estate valuation reconciliation is the process through which appraisers take values derived through different techniques and/or different people, reviews the different figures to arrive at a final estimate of value. It requires significant judgment and experience on the part of the appraiser.

Appraisers review, analyze and reconcile the valuation reports (two or more)
Reconciliations take into account: appraisals, BPOs, AVMs and additional supporting market data.
In their desk review, our staff appraisers will consider the complete review of property information and market information, and then apply their own summary of adjustments and considerations.
The final real estate value reconciliation delivered contains a clean value that the client can use with confidence
Reconciliation home values rely on the quality of the appraisers conducting the desk reviews. Without a reliable, experienced appraiser reviewing and adjusting the valuation, the end product can end up dubious at best and negligent at worst. You can trust Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s network of staff appraisers. We work hard to maintain a network of appraisers who are reliable, efficient and experienced. They meet all real estate valuation compliance standards and have consistent track records of delivering quality reports.